Quality & Care

General Introduction

Stainless steel is a refined natural product, due to its extreme weather resistance without organic coatings or metallic coatings durable up to decades. However, also stainless steel needs some attention to maintain a great appearance and keep it corrosion durable. 

Cleaning Outdoor

For outdoor applications in general, the cleaning effect of natural rain is usually enough to avoid harmful particle on the surface of the metal. If your product cannot reach the natural rainwater, you should frequently clean the product to dispose of particle and air pollution dust on the surface.  

Note: If the products are used in industrial atmospheres or coastal regions where you have an increased concentration of sulphur dioxide and chlorides it is highly recommended to maintain a frequent cleaning. However, if there will be some trace of rust on the surface, it is ruts but not from the material itself most of it it’s a result of heavy air pollution particle which will be transferred through the air. Through vigorous rubbing you can easily remove it.

Cleaning Indoor

For applications interior areas it’s mainly to prevent and remove of fingerprint traces. These can be generally removed with convention dish soap. For our glossy finished products it.