At Cibins we can express this in one sentence.

We aim to be inconspicuously conspicuous and conspicuously different! We get to work at the point where your quality of life is involved. Our fittings for the business and public domains, comprised by our cigarette and waste bins, combine functionality with fresh design. We seek to provide long-term solutions, which ensure that public spaces remain a source of pleasure.   

Cibins - inconspicuously conspicuous and conspicuously different!


We are driven by the vision of providing optically attractive and innovative products at the best possible price. And for us there is just one way to achieve this ambition an quite simply, this is through a high degree of independence. Therefore, every production phase from the initial sketch to the serial production of the finished article takes place within the company, which for our customers adds up to genuine one-stop-shopping. This is the only means by which we can respond openly to customer requests, while still living up to our own expectations.   


For us, the desire to create something new represents a major incentive. Therefore, we are constantly searching for new challenges, in order to find innovative and optically attractive solutions for our customers. This is because we are convinced that a good product should always consist of a synthesis of design, function and price. 

Cibins. Look for the green dot!