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Cibins Commercial L 55
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Litter Bins, Waste Bins, Cigarette Bins, Wall Mounted Bins from Cibins.

Cibins is designing, producing and distributing cigarette bins, litter bins, waste bins as well as waste separation bins and site furniture’s both for outdoor and indoor environments. We offer a variety of applications to meet every possible requirement.

Outdoor Ashtrays, Floor-Standing and Wall-Mounted Cigarette.  

The main task with regard to products for the public realm, whether these be floor-standing and wall-mounted cigarette bins or waste bins, is to combine user comfort, functionality and aesthetics to perfection. However, the question arises as to the feasibility of creating something that is both innovative and conspicuously inconspicuous. Fortunately, anything is possible and therefore waste disposal products such as litter bins and floor-standing and wall-mounted cigarette bins from Cibins embody a new design.  

Floor-standing and wall-mounted cigarette bins ensure that neither cigarette butts nor ash need be cleared from the ground. Using a floor-standing cigarette bin you can also create the ideal preconditions for a clean working atmosphere, not to mention entrance areas and lobbies, public transport stops, pedestrian areas, parking facilities and shopping malls. Floor-standing and wall-mounted cigarette bins are easy to install and particularly robust. 

Modern, stylish design in a diversity of forms and with flexible installation possibilities allow the versatile use of our floor-standing and wall-mounted cigarette bins and other types. In our range you are certain to find the ideal product for your area of application. 

Outdoor Litter- and Waste Disposal Bins.

The topic of waste disposal is as old as humankind, which is the source of the problem. Litter bins in public spaces provide us with a clearly defined assignment. We must use them. And as a company that specializes in this area, we also bear a degree of related responsibility.  Consequently, for us it not enough to merely manufacture and sell litter bins, as those wishing to convince others of the merits of taking care of the environment must begin with themselves.  

Litter Bins, Waste Bins and Waste separation bins with Style

Additionally Cibins offers a wide array of different kind of litter bins, waste bins and waste separation bins to suits a variety of applications and budgets. Different styles to meet the specific requirements including both indoor and outdoor. 

We create something New.

Our young, passionate and talented in-house design team is working close with our clients aiming to create meaningful products to best prices. Should you be unable to find the product that you are seeking in our range, please get in touch. We are glad to hear from you. Phone: Germany: Tel.+49-1522-6796885

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